Pods!, Insomnicide + Iiah

Pods!, Insomnicide + Iiah

Pods!, Insomnicide + Iiah Thurs 12 Oct
time 9:00 pm

12 October 2017

Free entry. Doors 8.30pm

11 – Pods‽
10 – iiah
9 – Insomnicide

Headlining the night is Pods‽, playing a high energy style of psychedelic/progressive alternative rock. You can find their debut single With Only the Slightest Hint of Irony here:

iiah is playing second, with an ambient style of post rock. Check out their fantastic debut album here:

Insomnicide is opening, playing a racket mix of noise rock and post punk. You can check out a live recording they did at 3D Radio here:

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