Cable Ties (Album Launch) + The Aves + Little Dust

Cable Ties (Album Launch) + The Aves + Little Dust

Cable Ties (Album Launch) + The Aves + Little Dust Fri 9 June
time 9:00 pm

9 June 2017

Tix details to come.

One year after stepping into an icy warehouse studio Cable Ties launch their debut album at The Metro. Recorded with Paul Maybury in the dead of winter at A Secret Location it bristles with focused intent. Jenny McKechnie’s savage guitar playing is tethered to the relentless rhythmic pulse of Nick Brown and Shauna Boyle. The record captures them in lockstep at the end of their first year of gigging – stretching their songs past breaking point, searching for that joyous rush. Mckechnie’s commanding vocals tackle creeps, capitalist propaganda and music industry “tastemakers”. The result is 44 minutes of tense, smouldering punk rock. A further 12 months worth of shows, including a fairy tale opening slot at Meredith, have turned them into a formidable live prospect. Welding punk ferocity to the endless chug of kraut and boogie to produce a tense rock ‘n’ roll trio.

Joining them will be indie/ mod-revivalist legends The Aves and Little Dust.

Cable Ties self-titled album will be out through Poison City Records on Friday May 26.

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